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Marinela the Girl on “Wall Street”

“Since I was a kid, I dreamed of hitting the Stock Exchange, like in the 1987 Wall Street movie,” Marinela said. It’s a strange dream for a girl… however – with a lot of hustle and toughness she made it.



She was born in Pernik, studied at the Economic High School in the city because from an early age she realized that she wanted to deal with finance. After watching the cult film, a fire was lit inside her, that one day she would work on the Stock Exchange. She studied hard, went to private lessons, at 17 he covered the standards of the TOEFL with a very high score.

She then enrolled in New York at John Jay College, where she studied finance and economic analysis for four years.

Meanwhile, in New York, she had to work as a waitress in several restaurants, with two shifts a day, to pay for her tuition and support herself. With a lot of effort and hard work. She had to choose where to train. She often visited Wall Street and held onto the dream that she would get there one day. She submitted her papers and was selected for an internship at one of the Wall Street companies, National Security.

The first day in the office she was super enthusiastic, but also very worried. She found herself in an environment just like out of the movie Wall Street movie. A huge hall buzzing like a hive, over 100 people, each of them on several phones, talking nonstop, some constantly selling and buying shares. And among the brokers – not a single girl…



“The stressful thing was that throughout the company of over 100 people there was not a single woman in a brokerage position, only 3-4 girls who were assistants or at the registry,” Marinela says. Her six-month internship is to help a broker. In order to take the trading license on the “Series 7” and “Series 66” exchanges, applicants must be sponsored by a company that is a member of FINRA (the financial industry regulatory body – b.a.), a registered company or any regulatory authority.



Marinela experienced the stress of the dynamics and aggression in the hall which made it even more of a male profession. But she was determined and kept saying to herself this is what I want to do. “The broker I was helping, was sincerely like my father, he recommended that I look for a sponsor rather than a company that would help me from the beginning, be more structured, have more equal environment with men and women who are not so stubborn. he could see that I was startled by their over-aggressiveness. Just like in the movie, they would call people they’d never seen on the phone and hard sell them shares. They were saying, “We’re going to call Ohio now, the weather is not good, and that suggests more people at the desks during lunchtime.”

After completing her practice and to her great delight she was appointed to Morgan Stanley – one of the top five investment banks in the world. They sponsored her to pass the broker certificate exams. She was enrolled into an interesting program for people from different spheres who are wanted to become brokers. This program is 12 months, and in the first 3 you have to pass the exams for a trading license on the Stock Exchange. Then there’s further training for the next nine months.

After going through this training period, they send them to different places. Marinela, along with about 150 other people from all over America who are enrolled in this program, falls into place outside New York. And again, they are subjected to a beastly trainer. They have practical exams, as actors present themselves as clients that they have to persuade to put money into shares. They need to gather all the information about them, then offer them according to what they want and have, what their fears, desires, etc., a portfolio are. This is one of the last, final exams.

When they go through this, they have to have a target every month to realize. The amount they need to secure increases every month until the 3rd month. And if someone doesn’t have all their clients collected according to the target, and for example, 5 million in the portfolio of shares sold, they fail and are fired. They just don’t hold anyone unless they’re effective enough. Brokers who have wealthy relatives and friends take precedence.

What did it cost a Bulgarian woman who doesn’t have a wealthy family in America? “I was ambitious to pass all the exams, to learn as much as possible. I told myself, that there is nothing impossible. I kept telling myself, for example, that 50 people would say no, but one would say yes. Every person who said “No” to me was another step for the next to say “Yes,”” Marinela says.

She comes up with a special schedule of where to go, who to meet, what to do, ringing nonstop on the phone. It is starting to collect interesting customers. “I don’t know if it was a chance, or just a hard work and a strong desire to get into the top Morgan Stanley corporation,” she said. But I felt like I was projecting what I wanted to happen, and it was happening. It was a very exciting moment in my life,” Marinela says.

At that time she began to travel more and more, had clients in Jordan and went to Singapore. “I fell in love with Singapore, from the first moment, from the first business trip,” Marinela says. She worked in the position of “Capital Management Adviser” at Morgan Stanley and is exploring whether she can transfer to Morgan Stanley – Singapore. In the meantime, she was able to meet with representatives of Swiss bank UBS, who offered her a job. She and her husband, moved to Singapore in 2015.



Life in Singapore was wonderful, but there is an air pollution problem there in September. While she was pregnant with her second child, she had a lot of health problems because of this air contamination. In Singapore it’s nonstop warm, over 30 degrees, and the heat with all the air conditioning quite predisposes to the appearance of more bacteria and viruses. After her difficult pregnancy, her son suffered from skin diseases ad breathing difficulties. In the meantime, she had to travel more and more, so did her husband. On a trip to New York, her youngest son Balthazar, who was just 40 days old, fell seriously ill.

Then and there she decided to create a product that protects newborns and babies in the first months when they need to travel. In Singapore, they create the design that is like a baby stroller but encapsulated. They contacted an engineering company that develops the canopy with a built-in filtering system and sensors. The system also protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and any viral and bacterial infections. The veil “BubaRolla” (“baby on wheels”) protects the toddler when traveling. Sensors indicate how much oxygen is inside the trolley, a light alarm alerts for contaminated air.



After Singapore the family moved to Cyprus, where she is developing innovative products safe for newborns and young babies. While in Singapore, Marinela understood that the Asian mentality of pregnant women does not allow them to use any cosmetics before, during and after birth, they do not even dye their hair or varnish their nails. For this concern Marinela has created a series of clean cosmetics, doing their research in Switzerland. They also add the vitamins that every woman should take during pregnancy.

“While I was in Singapore, I thought a lot about how to help Bulgaria with my experience and knowledge of the financial markets, mainly in the field of international investment and exports. I want to one day go back to Bulgaria and see my children grow up the way I grew up,” says the Bulgarian Financier now turned Wellness Entrepreneur. 

 TRANSLATED FROM AN ARTICLE THAT APPEARED MARCH 12th 2021: https://bg-voice.com/маринела-от-перник-само-м

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