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The Bulgarian Wellness Entrepreneur

Born on the outskirts of Sofia and a mother of two children, Marinela Stanislavova started her career in finance working in New York, before switching direction to develop a wellness business.



When did Marinela decide to change career? While she was living in Singapore, she discovered that both of her two baby boys suffered from the same skin and breathing problems after being born. Determined to understand the cause better Marinela researched many aspects of environmental related issues and how to protect babies from possible harm. This is how and why she decided to develop products to help shield babies and her wellness business and most recently BubbaSkin was born.



What is BubbaSkin? It’s a completely clean, dermatologically tested line of skincare, approved for expectant mothers, throughout pregnancy and after while nursing. Studies show that many pregnant women give up skin care in order to protect their childcare from harmful chemicals. To address this Marinela decided to create a product that women do not need to deprive themselves of because it is completely safe.

Thus, in collaboration with a leading Swiss laboratory and a team of chemists and medical professionals in the United States and the UK, they created an entirely new concept. BubbaSkin is a healthy, alternative line of skincare with formulas that have been shown to be safe and effective, providing the results women want.



In the line we find Hydrating Face Cream, Refreshing Eye Serum, Detox Clay Mask and Cleansing Toner. The BubbaSkin line up is oriented for use by women from the moment they start with plans to conceive, to when they stop breastfeeding, with nourishing formulas rich in essential vitamins and minerals. The whole range is also fragrance free.

Currently, the products are available from medical offices in the US, with plans to launch in Europe, and later to expand to Asia. For more information visit www.bubbaskin.com



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